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Data Collection and Use

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Disclosure of Members' Information

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Term and Conditions

        Welcome to www.threecosmetics-th.com For the convenience of using the site, please read these requirements before getting started. www.threecosmetics-th.comunder Central Trading Co., Ltd. Is operating the business under the name www.threecosmetics-th.comto sell and promote the products of the Company. It is also a channel to communicate between shops with subscribers.

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Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

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Links to other Websites

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Product Description and Color of the Image

        The Company will endeavor to provide the most accurate product description; however, the Company cannot guarantee that the product descriptions on those websites will be accurate, complete, reliable, timely, and error-free. The color of the image is the same. The company is willing to show the product image; but, the color shown may deviate according to different computer and screen settings. The Company reserves the right not to be responsible for any errors that may occur including return of goods, replacement or refunds.

        In addition, the Company reserves the right not to be held liable for any error of information on this website. We have the right to cancel the order at any time or changed without prior notice.

Terms of Subscription

        To be able to place the order or participate in promotional activities through the website, the users must register as a member of the website and create an account. The company reserves the right to place orders on the website. Some services, such as subscriptions, services, news, events, and more, are for registered customers only.

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        The Company reserves the right to immediately revoke the membership without any prior notice in case that false personal information is found, the information is not up to date, and the user does not keep the password confidential.

Fraudulent Prevention and Misuse

        The Company has the right to refuse or cancel the order. If an account with fraudulent history or illegal activity is detected, the Company enforces such policies to protect our users and the Company itself from fraud or other illegal activities.

        If the user of the website send any content, picture or information that is contrary to the law, blasphemy, defamation, defamation, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, or otherwise is offensive and a the Company or any third party is harmed by the content or information directly or indirectly, the user will be responsible for damage including liabilities to compensate any loss of the Company or a third party.


        The Company welcomes comments and suggestions from you regarding the website, products and services. These comments and suggestions will not be considered confidential and may be used, adapted, redistributed and distributed for any purpose; however, the Company will not associate your name and last name with your comments and suggestions (except in the case of contravention of the law).